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6 Free Ways To Promote Your Side Projects

6 easy ways to promote your side project

Folks, in this post, we are going to look at 6 free ways to promote your side project. It could be a web app, mobile app, or browser extension. It doesn’t matter what your project is; there is a market for your product and services; you just need to learn basic marketing tactics to promote it without spending a dime on advertising.

Without wasting any time, let’s get on the list.

1. Twitter

twitter meme

I recommend creating a new Twitter account for your side project instead of using a personal account. Add a profile picture and name of your project, including a short description in the bio and website/app store link.

Tweet entertaining content like memes, short videos, and images relevant to your app or services. I see videos get more attention than images on Twitter. Whatever you do, avoid tweeting links, at least at the beginning.

Always use the relevant hashtags and post at least 10-12 tweets daily. Yup, that’s the minimum.

Follow 2-3 accounts of your competitor followers each day. Let’s assume your web app lets users schedule social media posts; you can follow the followers of Buffer.

Your Twitter account will grow faster; more exposure to your profile means more clicks and possibly a few new followers daily.

Once you gain followers, post screenshots of your app reviews/testimonials. Be creative, don’t just tweet your website/app store link.

Remember, consistency is the key.

2. Blog / YouTube Channel

blog vs Youtube

Start blogging or create a YouTube channel if you don’t like writing. Create content relevant to your app and service, include your product/services within the content, and use the RankMath plugin for SEO if you use WordPress as CMS and TubeBuddy for YouTube.

The cool thing about YouTube and Blog is that your content will get attention for years, whereas your post on social media will die within 24 hours.

3. Quora

paul pon raj

Quora is a platform where users can post questions, write answers and create space (similar to a subreddit).

Creating an account is free; make your profile look professional and get ready to answer the questions related to your product/services.

If someone is asking a question about your competitor, jump right in and answer the question but don’t say wrong about that company; instead, introduce your product and services and mention how it differs from your competitor.

Write the answer like a story; the longer, the better, especially on platforms like Quora.

4. Instagram


You can use Instagram to promote your side project. Create your provide as you did on Twitter.

Try to create original content instead of reposting. Post consistently even if you get no view in the beginning. Comment on posts of your competitor.

If your account is new, don’t follow anybody for the first few weeks. Engage with the people and use relevant hashtags for every reel you post. Tag other users in comments and posts.

5. Reddit


You are on Reddit, and you know all the rules and how everything works on Reddit. Self-promotion mostly on all subs will get you banned, and your account will be temporarily suspended if you spam repeatedly.

So what would you do?

Search and list relevant subreddits for your side project and engage with the community daily. Look out for questions, rants, or articles on your competitors’ products/services, dive into the discussion, and indirectly promote your side project.

Sometimes you can directly speak about your project without any issue. Shameless promotion is something you should avoid at all costs.

6. Pinterest


Like Twitter and Instagram, you can also utilize Pinterest to promote your side project. Both image and video content get equal exposure, and optimizing your Pins for Pinterest SEO can get you more clicks.

It’s good to have followers, but it’s not valuable as on other social media platforms. Repin other pins relevant to your side project and post your pins as well. Include links to your website, landing page, or app store link in your pins.

You can create beautiful images using Canva. It has a free plan which is enough to create images for Pinterest. You can schedule your pins using the Tailwind scheduler. They are an official partner of Pinterest, and Pinterest has confirmed that pins posted using Tailwind get exactly the same amount of exposure as posted manually.

Tailwind’s algorithm will show the best time to schedule your pins to get maximum views, and there’s a feature called Tailwind Tribe, similar to the Slack community. By using Tailwind Tribe, you can repin other users’ pins, and they will repin your pins. This way, you double your reach and grow exponentially on Pinterest.

As always, thanks for reading. If you found this helpful, upvote and share it with your buddies. You can ask me anything in the comment, and I will do my best to reply asap.

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