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Apple Didn’t Release Any New Macs This Quarter – Here’s Why


Apple has been in the business of producing Macs since 1984, and for the past two decades, the company has managed to release a new model each year.

But for the first time since 2000, Apple appears to be taking a break from releasing any new Macs in 2022.

The news comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who says that due to “significant changes” planned for its products over the next three years, Apple will not be introducing any new Macs until 2023.

Kuo also suggests that this is part of Apple’s strategy to focus more on its mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad rather than PCs.

The idea of no new Mac releases might come as a surprise to many, given how much success Apple has enjoyed with their laptop and desktop computers over the past decade or so.

But it appears that after 33 years of producing some of the best machines on the market, Apple is now looking towards other directions such as augmented reality and health-care-related products instead.

So what does this mean for current users? Well, it’s still unclear how this decision will affect current owners, but it’s possible that we’ll see more focused software updates aimed at improving performance rather than hardware upgrades like we’re used to.

It could also mean an increase in prices if newer components become available due to lower production runs compared with before when multiple models were released each year.

It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how things progress now that Apple has decided not to release any new MacBooks or iMacs until 2023. We can only hope that when they do eventually come out, they are worth waiting for!

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