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Notorious Central Florida Imposter Cop Caught In Massive Insurance Fraud Scheme

paul pon raj

A Central Florida man, Jeremy Dewitte, who previously impersonated a police officer has been charged with a slew of insurance fraud charges. Dewitte, who retired his Metro State motorcycle business a year ago, is now facing nearly a dozen charges related to his alleged efforts to use his funeral escort business to defraud insurance companies.

According to an arrest affidavit, Dewitte registered some of his Metro State vehicles with multiple insurance companies under his wife’s name and listed them as personal vehicles, in an attempt to evade higher charges put on cars used for business purposes.

Dewitte’s wife told police she was not involved in the insurance application process for any of their vehicles.

An employee of one of the insurance companies told detectives that had the truth been revealed about the sirens, lights, and decals on the vehicles, the insurance policy would not have been issued. Dewitte’s actions were described as a common insurance fraud scheme.

In addition to the charges related to the registration of Dewitte’s company cars and motorcycles, investigators also found that Dewitte was defrauding companies with inflated damage estimates from crash scenes.

Dewitte submitted photos and invoices to an insurance company for a crash that happened in Orlando in May 2020, but the photos were found to have been taken up to three years prior to the incident.

Dewitte also submitted an invoice for repair work that matched an invoice he submitted to another fraudulent claim he made for an incident in Polk County in 2018.

For the May 2020 crash, investigators said Dewitte received a total of $9,490 from the insurance company, including a $2,000 check for injury claims that he made despite not being the driver of the car.

Five months later, in October 2020, Dewitte pulled the same stunt with a different insurance company, submitting some of the same photos and invoices that he used after the May crash.

The charges against Dewitte are serious, and if he is found guilty, he may face significant fines and possible prison time. Insurance fraud is a crime that not only harms insurance companies but also drives up the cost of insurance for honest policyholders.