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GNOME 43.2 Officially Released – New Features, Improvements, and Bugs Fixes

GNOME 43.2

Gnome 43.2 has been officially released, bringing a host of improvements to the popular desktop environment.

The update includes improvements to the Screencast UI, Bluetooth support, and more. It also adds several bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The Screencast UI now allows users to record their desktops in an easier way with the help of pop-up menus for audio sources and microphone options, as well as various other settings.

Additionally, Bluetooth support has been improved with more efficient power management capabilities and better handling of connected devices.

Other changes include better HiDPI scaling on external monitors, as well as enhanced support for fractional scaling in Wayland sessions.

In addition to these features, Gnome 43.2 also offers several bug fixes and performance improvements such as increased stability when resizing windows or using GDM themes, faster start times for applications like GIMP or Firefox, smoother transitions when switching workspaces or opening applications from the dash shell, improved search results when searching through online accounts like Google Drive or Dropbox, a new “Do Not Disturb” mode that suppresses notifications temporarily as well as better handling of system activation requests from games like Steam or Proton, etc…

Overall Gnome 43 2 is an exciting release that brings lots of valuable features and improvements to the popular desktop environment making it even more powerful than before!

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