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Make Money Online By Doing The Things You Enjoy

paul pon raj

Have you ever imagined getting paid for doing things you enjoy? You can make money online by doing something you love to do.

All you need is proper guidance, the right tools, and time. Unfortunately, many scammers on the internet show fake payment proof and sell rubbish ebooks and video courses related to making money online.

In this blog post, I will help you to turn your passion into profit online. You may need to spend a few dollars here and there if you wish, but you can also use free resources to get started.

I’m trying to cover all popular hobbies/passions, but if you can’t find your hobby listed here, send me a message via the contact form.

Listening to Music

If listening to music is what you want to do in your free time, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Make Money On Earn App is an Android / iOS mobile app that pays you around $600 per year for playing music on your mobile phone. You will earn points for each song you listen to and you can redeem those points for Gift Cards, physical products, and electronics, and also have the option to donate to charities.

Get paid to listen to music

Slice the Pie is a website that pays users to review music. All you have to do is listen and write a short review about it. You cash out once you earn $10. You need a PayPal account to get paid because they don’t have any other payment methods. While signing up on the Slicethepie website, use the same email you use for PayPal, otherwise, they won’t let you withdraw your earnings.

Watching Videos

Earning real money while watching videos is a dream for many, but there are legit websites that pay users to watch short videos. You can earn anywhere between $10-$50 per month on each website. Users earn points, which can be redeemed once they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

paul pon raj


Swagbucks features playlists full of entertaining videos like movie trailers and cartoons. You will earn 10-14 SB Points for watching each video. You can redeem those points for gift cards from PayPal, Amazon, and Payoneer.

Grab Points

Grab Points has a dedicated section for watching videos. They partnered with HideoutTV and Lootably, which has loads of videos to watch.  They have multiple options for redeeming the points. The minimum payment threshold is $5.

Make Money Online By Just Walking

You can earn money by just walking around. Keep your phone in your pocket and let it track your steps and convert them into real cash. You don’t need an active internet connection for this. If you got any spare devices, install the app and allow all the permissions required by the app to function properly.


Sweat Coin

The Sweat Coin App pays you to walk. It got millions of downloads on both Play Store and App Store. As of now, they do not have a direct withdrawal method. You can exchange sweat coins for gift cards; buy electronics from popular brands like Apple, or use them to get a free subscription on Netflix, Hulu, and similar sites and services. Sweat coin is launching its cryptocurrency, soon you can get paid in crypto.

paul pon raj


Optimity app has a lot more to offer than Sweat coin regarding ways for earning. Apart from walking, you can also read articles and take quizzes to earn more points. The Challenge feature allows you to challenge your buddy and earn points while walking together. If you carry multiple phones, then installing one app on each device will double your earnings.


Getting paid for sleeping sounds very unrealistic and silly, but you can get paid in real cash for just sleeping. You will need to apply for the job and if accepted, they will provide further instructions. If you are comfortable with that, you can signup for the contract and upon completing the job you could earn up to half a million dollars or even more. No kidding.


Wakefit is an Indian research company that pays you to sleep. First, you will need to apply for the job, if accepted, they will send you pillows and sleep monitoring equipment to your home. You will have to wear that tracking watch and sleep as you usually do. Once you successfully finish the contract, you will be rewarded. Wakefit’s program is available worldwide.


EachNight is a website that covers topics related to sleep and sleeping products like pillows and mattresses. EachNight periodically researches sleeping patterns: and you can join to get paid to sleep. Their latest research program paid $1,500 per qualified tester. So what are you waiting for?


There are lots of websites and mobile apps that offer cashback and gift cards when you shop online. They partner with various e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay to offer incentives to customers they refer. You can earn anywhere between $20 – $500 monthly depending upon your geographical location and merchant offers.


TopCashBack has the highest cashback offers for all major brands and e-commerce stores. You need to create an account and find deals for your favorite brands and stores. Click on the offer and shop online as you usually do. They will track the transaction and you will get cashback credits in your wallet. You can withdraw them once you reach the minimum payment threshold.

Honey Coupons


Honey is another cash-back website and it provides browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and some other browsers. Its browser extension is very cool; it automatically applies discount codes while you checkout from any of its partner’s e-commerce stores.

Apart from cash-back, they have another cool feature called Drop List. This works like Add to Cart system but sends alerts when the price goes down of any item you added to the list. Saving and earning money while shopping is so easy and fun with Honey.

Playing Video Games

Mostly we all love playing video games and thanks to our smartphones, we can now play high-quality graphics games anywhere we want. Earning money just for playing video games sounds so unreal, but it’s true. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection to download and play games.

Each game has its rules which you need to follow to earn coins. Some require you to play for a few minutes and others require you to complete 1 level or something similar. You can cash out via PayPal or exchange those coins for gift vouchers.

Mistplay _ Play and earn awesome rewards


MistPlay is a legit app that pays you to play games on your smartphone. You earn coins to download and test games and some require you to complete a certain number of levels. You can redeem your units for awesome rewards such as gift cards to Amazon, Google Play, Paypal, and more! As of now, MistPlay is only available for Android.


Swagbucks has a list of games that are updated daily. You can discover new games and earn points to play them. Apart from games, they also have mobile apps for testing. You can test those apps and write a short review to get points. Swagbucks offers lots of ways to redeem the points and it is available for iOS, Android, and Web.

Reading Books

For many people, reading books is a hobby and they won’t mind spending countless hours reading books by their favorite authors. If this sound relatable to you then grab all the websites listed below and get paid to read the books you love.


Online Book Club pays you to read and review books. In the beginning, you will receive free books to review, and later on, you will get paid for each book you read and review. It won’t make you rich but why shouldn’t you earn some cash for doing what you love to do?  Currently, their payout range is anywhere between $5 – $60.

Book Browse

Book Browse is another website that pays you to write reviews of the books you read. They need your review to be a minimum of 300 words and it should follow the standards mentioned on your site. You can check out these sample reviews from their website before applying as a reviewer. They prefer reviewers from the USA however the program is open for overseas reviewers also.

book reviewer - Upwork


Upwork is a freelancer platform where businesses post jobs and people who have skills apply for those jobs and upon completing the job, they get paid for their work. Book authors also post jobs on Upwork to get their books reviewed. Many people make a living just by reviewing and proofreading books. You can earn up to $15 per hour as a beginner and as you get more ratings and reviews you can charge more.


Making money online isn’t a scam but there are thousands if not millions of scammers on the internet in the make-money-online niche.  Avoid buying courses or tools which promise to double your earnings or anything similar. Always take advantage of free services and resources as you learn to make money online. I hope you found this post helpful, consider sharing it with your friends.

PS. I update this post regularly to ensure everyone can find a way to make money online by doing the things they enjoy. You can bookmark this page to check it later.

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