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Microsoft rebrands Office Insider program to Microsoft 365 Insider

paul pon raj

Microsoft has announced that the Office Insider program, which allows users to test new features ahead of everyone else, will now be known as the Microsoft 365 Insider program. This change is part of Microsoft’s rebranding of the Office suite, particularly the subscription-based versions, to Microsoft 365.

This rebranding was first announced a few months ago, when Microsoft stated that it would be changing the name of the Office app on Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as the Office web portal, to Microsoft 365. However, this change is more than just a name change, as Microsoft 365 includes more than just the classic Office apps, namely Teams, the Microsoft Defender app, and OneDrive.

In April 2020, Microsoft renamed Office 365 subscriptions to Microsoft 365, so this change was a long time coming. The old Office name no longer made sense as it included more than just the Office apps.

As far as Insider updates go, the new Microsoft 365 Insider branding is not changing anything. Users will continue to receive updates just as they always have, but now the program has a different name on the official portal and on Twitter. The official blog will also include posts focused on products beyond the usual Office apps, and documentation such as release notes are available on the Microsoft Learn website now.

Office as a brand is not going away completely, but it will only be used for the perpetual licenses of the Office suite, such as Office 2021 and LTSC releases of Office. This way, Microsoft is drawing a clearer line between the subscription-based services and the one-time purchase licenses of Office.

In conclusion, Microsoft is rebranding its Office suite to Microsoft 365, including the Insider program which will now be known as the Microsoft 365 Insider program. This change aligns the company’s branding on a marketing level and includes more than just the classic Office apps. The change will not affect the way users receive updates and documentation will now be available on the Microsoft Learn website.