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5 Easy Ways To Monetize Web Apps

monetize web apps

Web apps have become increasingly popular because they can be used on any operating system, unlike native apps, which come with a lot of limitations.

With more people using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet, web apps have grown in popularity and profitability.

Monetizing a web app is an effective way for developers to capitalize on their efforts and earn a living from their projects.

As a developer, you need funds to pay for servers, APIs, and a lot of other things involve also besides getting profit from what you have built.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of about monetizing your web app. You need funds to carry on your mission, which includes maintenance and further development. All of these require money.

Let us look at these 5 easy ways to monetize web apps.

1. Advertisements

Ad networks


The most popular way to monetize a web app is through advertising. By providing space for third-party companies to place advertisements within the app, developers can earn money from each click or view of the advertisement.

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to monetize web apps.

AdSense is one of the best ad-network, but the CPM rate is low compared to other ad networks. The quality of ads also matters, that is the reason I recommend AdSense.

2. Freemium Model

freemium model

The Freemium Model is a way of providing access to web apps where users can use the basic version of the app for free, but must pay for additional features or enhanced services.

For example, an online html5 game might be free to play, but players need to purchase extra levels or characters.

This is another great way to monetize web apps if there are no other web apps that offer such features for free.

3. Affiliate Programs

Grammarly affiliate program

Affiliate programs are a great way for web apps to earn money by promoting other brands’ products/services.

The perfect examples are free grammar checker web apps. These apps check for mistakes in writing and highlight those errors. Then the web app pops a CTA button to correct them, which has an affiliate link redirecting to Grammarly.

Now, Grammarly will force the user to signup before correcting their writing. The desperate writer has no other option but to create a free account on Grammarly.

Once the user creates a free account, the web app which referred the user will get a $0.20 commission. And in the future, if the user upgrades to a premium plan, the web app developer will get another $20.

4. Donations


Taking donations is also a sustainable way to monetize web apps.

You can ask users to make a one-time or recurring payment to support the development and maintenance of your app. This can be done through Ko-Fi or PayPal.

It is obvious that you will make less money compared to ads and affiliate revenue models.

5. Content Upselling

content upselling

Content upselling is when you offer additional content or services to a customer for a fixed price.

For example, if you have a web app that offers free online courses, you could offer users the chance to purchase additional related paid courses. This is a great way to monetize your web app and help users at the same time.

You can use Gum Road to handle sales and payments for you.


Overall, there are several different ways that developers can monetize their web apps and earn money from their projects. From advertising to subscriptions, in-app purchases, and premium versions, there are plenty of options available that allow developers to capitalize on their efforts and create a profitable business from their apps.

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