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Top 5 Fantastic Open-Source Web App Of The Year [2022]

get my life rating

Open-source web applications are distributed freely and can be modified by anyone. These apps are usually deployed on the web server and anyone with an internet browser can use them on any device.

They usually have their source code available on GitHub and can be used, changed, and shared by anyone if it is published under MIT license.

The MIT License is a free software license that gives people permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute software and other applications.

It also allows people to keep the copyright of the software, meaning they retain all ownership rights for their work. The MIT License does not require anyone to pay a fee in order to use the software.

Ok. Let’s get into the list and start exploring these apps. Clicking on the screenshot will take you directly to the live web app. You can test them there.

1. Whisper it [Source]

wisher it

The web app lets you create encrypted messages which get automatically destructed after x days. You can enter your message and select after how many days it should be destructed.

Once you submit your message, you will get a key that you can send it to anyone. The receipt has to enter the key to see your secret message.

Likewise, you can also generate self-destructive passwords.

This app is built using Python and deployed using

2. RedOut [Source]

reddit client

This is a Reddit Client disguised as Microsoft Outlook. It has everything that outlook has, except the contents are from Reddit.

The terms used in the app also make it hard to distinguish. Currently, RedOut works only on desktops.

The developer of this web app had issues browsing Reddit at work, so he came up with this genius idea.

Developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it can be deployed on any web server.

3. RateMyLife [Source]

get my life rating

As the name suggests, this app will rate your life based on the answers you give.

The questions cover 7 aspects of your life, and you have to select how much you agree or disagree with each question, at the end click on GetMyLifeRating to see the rating.

It is developed using React, you can use GitHub Pages or Vercel to deploy it.

4. ScreenREC [Source]

Open-Source Web App

ScreenREC lets you record your screen without installing any software. It works on all devices regardless of which operating system your device runs on.

Once the recording is finished, you can download the file right into your browser. It supports WebM and MP4 format and comes with a one-click deployment button to easily deploy on Netlify.

5. TweetSnaper [Source]


This web app lets you capture your tweets in beautiful frames. Just copy the tweet URL and paste it into the app and boom.

You can choose your desired gradient and do some editing right within the browser. Clicking the download button will get you the file in PNG format.

Developed using JavaScript and CSS.


The future of web apps is expected to be focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and progressive web apps. Artificial intelligence will allow developers to create more interactive and user-friendly experiences for users.

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