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Revolutionize Planning and Reduce Costs with Red Hat’s OptaPlanner

paul pon raj

Red Hat has announced the release of its open-source scheduling application, OptaPlanner, as part of its Application Foundations portfolio. The company claims that the tool will help organizations significantly reduce costs, improve service quality, and limit carbon emissions.

OptaPlanner is designed to help organizations navigate the complexities of planning problems, such as providing products and services with a limited set of constrained resources.

The tool can be used for a variety of purposes, including optimizing technician assignments, routing responsibilities, employee rostering, service planning, payroll, workforce scheduling, equipment or site planning, and maintenance schedule.

One example of OptaPlanner’s capabilities is its employee rostering feature, which takes inputs such as required skills, employee availability, and employee fairness to build a schedule optimized for each variable.

The tool’s routing optimization feature also improves the stopping sequence of delivery trucks and public transportation, reducing driving time and fuel consumption compared to manual planning.

OptaPlanner is built on a combination of optimization heuristics and metaheuristics, using artificial intelligence optimization algorithms such as Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing, and Late Acceptance, while maintaining efficient score calculations.

Red Hat is the sponsor of OptaPlanner and employs the project’s core developers, offering enterprise support and consultancy for the enterprise version of the community project as part of a product subscription.

The free community version of OptaPlanner has fewer features than the Red Hat build.

The new offer includes backport bug fixes to maintenance branches, performance testing and sizing, QA certification, full roadmap impact, private 24/7 support, maintenance releases on a 6-week cadence, and one-off releases for urgent customer issues.

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