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WhatsApp launches official proxy support

On Thursday, WhatsApp announced that it will be launching proxy support for its users globally. This feature will allow users to continue using WhatsApp even if their internet connection is blocked or disrupted. To use the proxy, users can connect to WhatsApp through servers established by volunteers and organizations that aim to facilitate free communication.

WhatsApp has assured that using a proxy will not compromise the privacy and security of the app, as personal messages will remain protected by end-to-end encryption.

The company also stated that messages will not be visible to anyone, including the proxy servers, WhatsApp, or Meta, during the transmission.

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The company stated that such disruptions, like those that have occurred in Iran for an extended period of time, can severely impact people’s ability to communicate and access necessary resources.

However, WhatsApp noted that if internet shutdowns do continue, the new proxy support feature will provide a solution for users to communicate securely and reliably.

The new proxy support feature is available to all users of the latest version of the WhatsApp app in the settings menu. To connect to a proxy, users can go to the settings menu in the app, tap on “Storage and Data,” and select “Proxy.” Then, they can tap on “Use Proxy” and enter the proxy address before saving the changes to connect. WhatsApp recommends that users with internet access search for trusted proxy sources through social media or search engines.

If the connection to the proxy is successful, a checkmark will appear to indicate this. If users are still unable to send or receive WhatsApp messages after attempting to use a proxy, it is possible that the proxy has been blocked.

In this case, they may need to try using a different proxy address. It is worth noting that when using a third-party proxy, the proxy provider will be able to see the user’s IP address.