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Windows 11 Fails To Impress Steam Users


In 2023, Windows 11 has proven to be unpopular amongst Steam users. Despite Microsoft’s efforts to make the OS more user-friendly and inclusive, many gamers remain unconvinced and have sought out alternative platforms.

Complaints from Steam users include the lack of performance optimization for Windows 11, issues with compatibility of older games and applications, as well as privacy concerns due to potential overreach by Microsoft in data collection.

Consequently, this has led to an exodus from the platform by disgruntled users who feel alienated by what they see as a hostile operating system.

Despite this worrying trend, however, it remains to be seen if Windows 11 can turn around public opinion or whether it will remain an unpopular choice amongst gamers on the Steam platform.

Windows 11 is still not faster than Windows 10 on Intel

Despite recent reports of an upcoming Windows 11, the new OS does not appear to bring any significant performance boosts compared to Windows 10 when benchmarked on both Intel and AMD CPUs.

Early tests suggest that the slight gains seen with some applications are likely due to minor optimization tweaks, rather than a major enhancement in speed.

As such, users may want to hold off on upgrading until more definitive data emerges.

Windows 11 22H2 Patch Tuesday Is Causing Freeze Issues on AMD Ryzen PCs

Windows 11’s 22H2 Patch Tuesday is proving problematic for AMD Ryzen PCs – causing a freezing issue in many of them. Owners of these machines are reporting that their systems become locked up whenever they install the optional cumulative update, KB4598229.

The freeze requires a hard reset to clear, and Microsoft has yet to acknowledge or address the issue.

For now, it appears that uninstalling the update and reverting is the only solution.

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