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WordPress Community Proposes GitHub for Improved Collaboration

paul pon raj

The WordPress Community Team is proposing to adopt GitHub as a central platform for project management and collaboration. The move, which is being led by Community Team representative Leo Gopal, would simplify the process for new contributors by streamlining communication and task tracking and increasing transparency and accountability.

Currently, the Community Team relies on a variety of tools such as spreadsheets, Trello boards, and Slack groups for project management and communication. However, this can make it difficult for new contributors to onboard and keep track of progress.

Gopal argues that using GitHub would standardize the team’s workflows and make it easier for new members to get up to speed, as well as enable more effective cross-team collaboration. Other Make teams, such as Learn, Hosting, Meta, and Marketing, are already successfully using GitHub for communication and project management.

Gopal is proposing that the Community Team adopt GitHub for a trial period of one quarter. If the consensus at the end of the trial is that it does not suit the team’s needs, they will revert to their previous project management practices and explore other options.

While there is support for the proposal, some participants in the discussion have concerns about transparency and the potential for conversations to move away from the platform. Gopal has addressed these concerns, stating that there would be no code involved and that users who are familiar with Trello boards should have no problem adapting to GitHub’s tools.

Overall, the proposal has the potential to increase the visibility of the Community Team’s work and improve collaboration with other teams. Discussion is still ongoing and a Proposal Poll has been published for Community Team members to provide their feedback.

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